Michael Campanella was an All-New England sprinter in High School and College. While in College, Mike realized that his team strength & conditioning program was sub-par, so he and his co-Captain basically re- wrote their program, sparking his passion for fitness.

At the time, he was an American Studies major at Trinity College and was going to go to law school and while studying for his LSATs, took a part-time job at Train Boston, where he met Mike Perry, and fell in love with personal training. Much to his parents’ dismay, he decided to stick with it as a full-time career. Mike was also competitive in the MMA world and fought 19 times in 4 years, but kind of burnt out.

Shifting gears, he starting focusing on working with the general population on the business side of fitness, and trying to grow the model that he had been working on, which led to creating PEX, a beautiful facility that rents space to private businesses so that they can make more money than anywhere else in the industry



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