Dr. Doriana Parkin practiced as a family physician in Toronto, Ontario for 15 years. In September 2023, she closed her practice to pursue her passion for helping busy women attain their nutrition, fitness and self-care goals. She launched her SmplyFit Wellness brand on social media and started a 12-week virtual program called Beautifully Raw which teaches women how to lose weight, incorporate fitness into their day without fancy equipment, and incorporate self- care into their lives to improve their mental health.

She also hosts The SmplyFit Wellness Podcast which is available through Spotify and Apple Podcasts.





https://linktr.ee/drdoriana?fbclid=PAAaZ_iXUB4Xfz0sBpfxcAJ79OFFiJVFVEieZq 6LmKFB9dQMobkGJ_Inz2lcE_aem_AS9dod3_nQPdkGut6IWSI5Y4hPGer2KjR wRJEgX-xBhEXqOIrdNMFYzvoBVShU7T604

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/drdoriana?igsh=NG1mcDc3eWYxZXNj

SmplyFit Podcast – https://tr.ee/H7l1q9Fqs6