Dr. Adam Wright Director of Mental Performance – Washington Nationals

Adam is a high-performance and executive coach, consultant, and educator who serves a broad range of elite performers whose craft demands peak performance in extreme, volatile, and high-stakes environments. He is privileged to work with athletes across various individual and team sports, including elite high school, collegiate, national and professional levels. In addition, Adam also serves business executives, law enforcement and military professionals, creatives and performing artists, and medical professionals. While coaching in such disparate performance arenas as the front office of the NFL, MLB, the European PGA, MLS, Hollywood, and Wall Street, he notes several shared characteristics amongst elite performers: a fierce commitment to self-knowledge and feedback, crystalized passion, purpose, and principles, grit, and a relentless drive toward deliberate practice in the pursuit of uncommon excellence.


Dr. Nick HoltonCo-Director of Human Flourishing & Optimal Performance Coach

Dr. Nick Holton’s work focuses on helping individuals, teams, businesses, and organizations become better version of themselves through the application of the cutting-edge science of human flourishing, a synergistic development of both peak performance and overall well-being & fulfillment. Nick currently serves as a private coach and consultant, working with individuals and groups ranging from professional athletes, NCAA programs, educational institutions, and fortune 500 businesses. He is also a peak performance coach for the Flow Research Collective and the Co-Director of Human Flourishing for the Shipley School. His work international, having worked with clients, given talks or delivered trainings across the U.S. and Europe, India, Australia, Uganda, Singapore, Mexico, South America and many more.


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